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HOTTEST ITEM! Anti-coronavirus (COVID-19) Medical & Disposable 3ply Surgical Face Masks (1 box, 50 pcs). ORDER TODAY & SHIPS WORLDWIDE IN 2 WORKING DAYS.

SGD20.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Limited stock available! Order now before stocks run out.

Our promise.

Stock  Ready stock!
Shipping info

Just sold out & new shipment just came in (35 boxes left.) Order now before stocks run out again.

Ship worldwide in 3 working days upon receiving payment.

Shipping cost (outside Singapore): Only US$20/box.

Reach you in 3-12 working days after we ship*

Material  3ply 25g/m2 non-woven pp fabric
Size  17.5x9.5cm
BFE  ≥ 99%
Fluid Resistance  120mmHg
Flammability  Class I
Style  Elastic Earloop
Certificate  ISO13485
Other features

 Chinese price with Korean quality.

 Materials, technology & equipment imported from Korea.

 Certification: ISO/CE/FDA 




Note: We know that you need masks as quickly as possible. Due to worldwide disruption of air traffic from China factory to Singapore & from Singapore to your country, in order not to cause unnecessary delay to your order, we will use our discretion to ship to you whatever stocks we have on hand.

However, be assured that the quality is the same as shown here.

Every masks that come in, are checked and tested by us to meet these stringent QC checks:

1). Must have at least 3 layers 

2). Outer layer must be water resistant/water proof

3). Inner layer must be melt-blown filter (Beware of cheap masks that do not meet standard as the inner layer is not melt-blown filter but other materials like cloth or paper).

4). The masks must be newly manufactured and not expired stocks (all our masks are manufactured this year and that's why the prices are higher than before the Covid crisis.)

5). The masks must be brand new fresh from factory and not recycled masks (Beware of cheap masks that are used/re-cycled masks.)


In order to save you shipping cost, your masks will be shipped as follows:

The box will be flattened. Also note that the box design may vary from the pictures shown here as we have masks coming in from different factories that meet our standard and not just one factory. Also even the same factory may produce the same item in different boxes for different OEM customers.

Some samples of the boxes (as we will have new stocks coming in all the time, some new boxes may not be shown here.)