3rd Apr 2021


Read how one customer cured her back aches by choosing the right chair. Every body physique is different. Finding the right chair requires expertise:

My wife a home tutor who sits for long times and this led to her suffering from lower back pain. We decided to change her chair and through advertisement got to know about ICONIC Group and their Korean Chairs. 

When we visited their showroom and explained our need, the staff instead of selling an expensive chair which we had chosen, rather looking at the height and body shape, suggested much cheaper but comfortable chair. 

Within using the chair for 1 month, my wife felt the effect and back started to reduce to the extent she stopped medication and just by using the right posture and right chair she has no problem at all with the back now. The staff also suggested to put stools to support her feet. All in all, it was overall solution rather than selling the chair.

That experience led me to buy 3 more chairs recently when we all started working from home. The old chairs needed replacement, so without searching anywhere else I went directly to ICONIC Group and spoke to Mr. Frank Ng. Without even having to go down to the showroom Mr. Frank gave me all the details with photos over phone and I could do the deal within 30 mins over the WhatsApp. As promised after few days Mr. Frank personally dropped by and delivered the 3 chairs. 

This time as well, I was going for an expensive chair but Mr. Frank, asked my requirement, height, weight and suggested the right chair. Same with the chair for my daughter for whom along with the comfort even the look and aesthetics are important.

I am always impressed and blown by their approach, customer service. They sell solutions to the customer and not just chairs. Even after selling they check with you to ensure everything is good and if any issues with the chair.

I would highly recommend buying their chairs as we all are now working/studying remotely.

Raghunath V (East Coast)