[READY STOCK!] ECO 3 CHAIR (Most economic chair with adjustable lumbar support & headrest)

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Why Kliig Eco 3?

Low price, great comfort! 

Reasons for its popularity:

It has adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted from low to high to meet the needs of most people. The lumbar support feel is just right. The headrest is straight and not far behind like many other cheaper chairs. Giving you very good support when working from home for long hours. The seat cushion is firm and yet not hard.

As a whole, it is a very comfortable chair that you can sit for many hours. The price is just right!


This chair gives very good overall support. Great back support with adjustable lumbar. Great neck support with straight and adjustable headrest. Great bum support with seat that has the right feel. Free installation. Ready stock!

Recommended users: Average to tall and even very tall.




  • Lumbar support - Adjustable up and down to target the right spot you need - this support can go low for those who like low lumbar support and high for those who like high lumbar support. Very versatile. The feel of the lumbar support is just right - not too hard nor too soft and will suit most users.
  • Headrest - Height adjustable.The headrest is straight and can be adjusted to support your neck at the right spot, keeping your head straight even when you're working for many hours without tiring your neck.
  • Seat - Height adjustable. Firm and not too hard or too soft.
  • Armrests - Comfortable fixed armrests.
  • Nylon leg - Durable and unlike chrome leg, will not rust and will not cut your feet working from home barefooted.
  • Castors - Durable nylon castors that don't easily break down.
  • Gas spring - Durable gas spring that has a high adjustment range making this chair suitable for users from average height to tall and even very tall users.
  • Mechanism - Rocking mechanism adds to the comfort of this chair.
  • Free installation.
  • Ready stock.