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Fastest turnaround time. Widest range. Widest options. Lowest price guarantee!
Q: How long do I need to wait under the "Can Wait" price?
A: We have the fastest turnaround time in the industry!

It takes us about 4 weeks from ordering to receiving the goods into Singapore. Our service response time is 1-2 weeks for manufacturing in our Korean factories and 2 weeks for shipping from Korea to Singapore. It's an extremely tight schedule few, if any, can commit.

The 4 weeks start from the nearest Monday after you place the order. You need to place your order by 12 midnight Sunday so that your order can be submitted the following Monday to our Korean factory.  In the event that Monday is a holiday, then the 3 weeks start from Tuesday and so on. If you place your order on a Monday, then the 3 weeks will start from the following Monday. To get the quickest turnaround time, please place your order before 12 midnight Sunday and don't wait till the next day.

Note: The 4 weeks is the time your stock arrives in Singapore and not the lead time you get your chair. If you're self-collecting, give us about 1 working day to get your chair installed, tested and ready for collection. If its for delivery, we may need a few more working days depending on the current delivery schedule.  For your convenience, you can change from delivery to self-collection and vice versa anytime. Just let us know. The 3 weeks may be slightly affected by unforeseen circumstances like weather (typhoon in Korea, heavy rain in Singapore as we want to handle your chairs with care) and worsening of Covid-19.  So far, we have been able to meet the leadtime without any substantial issue. Sometimes, it is also possible for your chairs to come in earlier.
Q: When can I get my chair if I choose the "Immediate/incoming shipment" option?
If we have ex-stock, you can collect it immediately during our operating hours. For delivery, it could be  same day, next day or a few days depending on the current delivery schedule. Be assured we don't like to delay. We want to give you the best and quickest service so we always send out asap. If its incoming shipment, it means the stock has already been manufactured, picked up from factory and on the way. The lead time can be a few days and will be no more than 2 weeks. If more than 2 weeks, we will give you discount depending on how long the delay is.

Note: same as above FAQ.
Q: What are the options you can provide and how long do I need to wait?
A: We have the widest range of Korean ergonomic chairs and offer the widest options.

We don't just sell a chair. We provide a solution that you really need. You can customise your dream chair to meet all your needs.

Options you can choose are (non standard options have additional charges):

1). FRAME: black/white. Yes, we have white frame chairs. Many optons!
2). MATERIAL: Fabric or synthetic leather (for some models we can even make natural leather but the price would be substantially higher as we only use premium natural leather. For fabric and synthetic leather, we also use premium Korean fabric and Korean synthetic leather.)
3). COLORS fabric/synthetic leathers. For some models, you can choose from 5 colors. Other models, as many as 20 colors. (We do have some stock of some colors for some models. Stock can move very fast and keep changing from day to day so do check what we have if you need ex-stock.)
4). ARMS:  Fixed arms/adjustable arms.
5). WHEELS: Wheels/no wheels
6). LOCKABILITY:  Lockable wheels are available (for senior safety or those who don't want their children to roll about)
7). LEG SIZE: Large leg (for those who want to lean back a lot and prevent toppling over), small leg (for those with limited space)
8). LEG TYPE: Plastic leg/nylon leg/aluminium leg/steel leg (for overweight)
9). REMOVABLE ARMS: With arms/without arms (for tables with drawers)
10). LEGREST: With legrest (for children, shorter people)
11). HEIGHT: Higher hydraulic (for taller people or those with high tables even bar counter). Shorter hydraulic for short people.

We've been specializing in good quality and comfortable Korean ergonomic chairs for over 10 years and we can basically do anything you want. How much time is needed? It depends on the stock that we have but the longest should be about 3 weeks. See above FAQ.
Fastest turnaround time. Widest range. Widest options. Lowest price guaranteed!
Don't waste time hopping from showroom to showroom. Just come to us for all your chairs needs!

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