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How to create my dream WFH chair?
If you’re going to get a WFH (Work From Home) chair, why not make it your dream chair? 
Instead of going for a cheap alternative that you might not like and then don’t know what to do with it later? Especially nowadays space is such a premium.
“When you look at beautiful things everyday, you feel good everyday.”
2 Reasons for making your WFH chair your dream chair
Since you’re going to be sitting on the chair for many hours a day, it must be comfortable. For a chair to be comfortable, it must fit your body shape and size (there is no one size fit all).
Looks Good:
It must be of design, color and finishing you like as you’ll be using the chair for many years to come. Unlike cheaper alternatives, our Made-in-Korea chairs are built to last last many years (with proper usage of course.) It must not look like a typical office chair. It must not be bulky. It must not damage your floor etc.
How we can help
Made-to-order specialist:
We are the market-leader in made-to-order Made-in-Korea ergonomic chairs for over 10 years.
Fastest turnaround time:
We’re the only company who can custom make a chair in Korea for you in 3-4 weeks (1 week to manufacture in Korea and 2-3 weeks to fly in.
Widest range:
We have widest range of models to suit all body sizes & shapes.
Widest range of color and other options:
 - Choose color of your choice.
- Choose options of your choice.
Lowest Price Guarantee:
Buy with peace of mind with our Lowest price guarantee.*
Covid-19 Can Wait promo:
With Covid-19, we know everybody needs to save and at the same time feel happy. So we make it easier and cheaper for you to create you dream chair! See Can Wait promo table.
Let's say you like the Flip and want to customise it. You want the seat to be in pink and the frame and backrest in white:Normally, you'd need to pay: $349 + $30 (pink seat) + $30 (white frame and mesh). Since our chairs are made-in-Korea, you'd have to wait 1 week (to manufacture) and 2-3 weeks by air. Total lead time is 3-4 weeks.So to customise your chair, you'd have to wait anyway. Now under our "Can Wait" promo, we give you a discount of $50-$150/chair (for full details) check our Chair Selector Guide. So the customised Flip will cost you $349 + $30 + $30 - $50 = $359.
(You top up only $10 to get the dream chair of your dream color!)
If you change only one option, you actually save $20!
2 Simple steps to order:
Step 1:
Visit our showroom and fit out your chair (like fitting your suit).

The most comfortable chair is one that fit your physique. If you want to get a really comfortable chair, there is no one-size fit all. So we have chairs for short, tall, very tall, slim, broad people. Save your time. One-stop shopping.

Use our unique Product Selector Guide online.

No time to visit us? No sweat. Based on our over 10 years expertise of selling ergonomic chairs, we have compiled a list of most comfortable chairs with specific information on what type of body sizes and shapes prefer which chairs. 
Many customers have ordered online using our Chair Selector Guide and are very happy with their choices. (Read Customers’ reviews.)
Step 2:
Once you’ve chosen your chair:
a). Choose the colour of the fabric and frame.
b). Choose the material: fabric or synthetic leather
c). Choose other options. For all options available, click here.
3 easy ways to order
1). Online - for simple orders.
2). WhatsApp 81830555 & pay using PayNow – for more complicated orders you can’t do online. Our personal shopper can assist you.
3). In store – visit our showroom, test and order on the spot.
We guarantee our price is lowest in Singapore. T&Cs.


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