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"We've got you covered, inside and outside."

Suddenly found that you have to work from home and sitting on your dining chair or sofa? No sweat!

Kliig is here to help you love working from home.

We've selected a few of our best-selling chairs that you can order online without trying them at our showroom. (Our showroom is open everyday. Please see our operating hours from Contact Us page.)

How to find your right chair without trying with total peace-of-mind?

1). We've selected a few models based on our in-depth knowledge of serving over 10,000 clients in over 10 years. When you've spoken to over 10,000 people for over 10 years, you have heard almost every question and every need.

 2). This in-depth knowledge include questions like which chair is suitable for tall people, for short people, for heavy people, slim people, people with back problems and hundreds of other questions. In the product pages of these chairs you will be able to find detailed information like these.

3). We have the widest range of ergonomic chairs in Singapore with almost 200 models. When our showroom was open, customers always came in and were wowed by the widest selection available. They always enjoyed the one-stop shopping in our showroom and 9 out of 10 customers walked away with a purchase.

We've selected a few from our top 10 best-sellers that MOST customers are looking for.

4). The chances that the chair will meet you needs without even trying is extremely high, 80-90% chance.

5). To get it even closer to 100%, our chair expert with over 10 years of experience will wrap up your selection and your needs and to ensure that the chair you select is the right one for you.

6). This is our special effort to assist our government in fighting Covid-19. We ensure that not only will you need to work from home. You'll actually love working from home. By having the right chair to sit on!