Going BTO?

We can help you and your staff get back to office safely, comfortably, economically and in style!


"Get the best mask to protect yourself and your staff."

The KF94 mask has the highest filtration rate (similar to N95) and is more comfortable to wear. The latest trend for KF94 masks in Korea is the 2D mask. (3D is considered outdated.)


The 2D or bird beak design has the same level of protection as the 3D but is more comfortable to wear and looks more stylish (not so bulky).


Here, we present to you the 2 most popular 2D masks direct from Korea. One is the cheapest 2D masks available and the other is a premium brand.


In Korea, 2D masks are more expensive than 3D masks as it is relatively new and has yet to reach the mass production level of the 3D.


At Kliig however, you will find that our 2D masks are even cheaper than other 3D masks (of similar quality) available here. Our mission is to help you and your staff save money!


"Get yourself or your staff the most comfortable chair at the best prices."

Specializing in Korean chairs for over 10 years, we've developed our own in-house high specification chairs from only $199 - $299. It's time to motivate yourself or your staff with comfortable chairs at work after WFH for so long. Available in 24 vibrant colors to match your corporate image or interior!