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Mask starter pack

Everybody's face size is different. Some have big faces, some have smaller faces. Its not just gender specific as some men may have faces smaller than women.


In addition, different people have different preferences like some prefer to wear their masks loosely so that its easier to breathe or they want to minimise contact with their face due to Acne,eczema etc. Its difficult to find the right masks online especially since you can’t try it. And you don’t want to waste a lot of money trying out different brands.


Overwhelmed by the proliferation of masks online and don’t know what to do? This is where we can really help. Our mission is to give you the best of Korea at the lowest price.

We have developed 2 unique tools to help users make their choices:

  1. Mask selector guide

  2. Mask starter pack

In the Kliig mask starter pack, we’ve specially chosen the most popular high quality made in Korea masks. Each of the brand in our starter pack has received thousands of 5* raving reviews by discerning Korean consumers.


What’s in the starter pack:

  1. K-medic

  2. Clean Up

  3. Bluna

  4. IlWoul


You can refer to the mask selector guide for more info on each.

Here is a summary of why we made these 4 choices


1)K-medic. This is the favourite mask among most of our colleagues.

Reasons: Very comfortable to wear, light, easy to breathe and doesn’t hurt the ear. Price is very good. In terms of price-performance, this is our top choice.

The only downside is that it is bulk packed - 50 pcs a pack. To us, this saves the environment and yet convenient for our staff and their families.


2) Clean Up. This mask size is very similar to K-medic. To us, K-medic is softer and more comfortable. But again this is individual preference. Its good for those who want a bigger and yet more rigid mask. Another pros is that it is very nicely individually packed. The individual packing is very high quality and easy to open. It would be excellent not just for own use but also as gifts.


3) Bluna. This mask needs no introduction as it has been in the market for a very long time and there are people who swear by this brand. A excellent mask for those who want the best and willing to pay. Having said that, in keeping with our mission of “the best of Korea at the lowest”, our price for Bluna is always the lowest in the market.


4) Ilwoul. Like Bluna, ilwoul has been in the market for very long and has many followers. Those who prefer ilWoul to Bluna are those who find the first 3 masks above too big for them.

Ilwoul compared to all the 3 other masks are the smallest and able to give a tight fit. Its the favorite of those with small faces or those who prefer tight fitting masks. Its a great mask if you’re in very crowded spaces or high risk areas (like hospitals, events etc) and you want to have no facial leakage.




In conclusion:

Each mask has its advantages. Most people are able to decide on what they need based on our mask selector guide.


If you’re still unable to decide, just get our Starter Pack (while stocks last only) and try out for yourself.

The Starter Pack has a value of $23.45 And specially discounted to $$10.35.