[READY STOCK!] COMPACT FULL MESH 1 (A compact full mesh beauty that you will love to sit on everyday! Beautiful to behold and cool to sit. Excellent back support.)

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Have limited space and budget and yet want a full mesh?

At Kliig, you're spoilt for choice! We have 2 very comfortable options for you! Kliig Compact Full Mesh 1 & 2.

What's the difference? In terms of size and price, both are about the same.

The main difference is Kliig Compact Full Mesh 1 is round in shape and Compact Full Mesh 2 is rectangular in shape. So it depends on the design you prefer.

Next is the technology. Full Mesh 1 is based on the traditional (tried and tested) technology of manual tension adjustment. At the bottom of the chair is a knob that you can use to MANUALLY adjust the rocking tension of the chair to suit your body weight. So the chair can be used for a wide range of users, from light to heavier users (note: mesh seat is not recommended for heavy weight users. Heavy weight users is recommended to use cushion seat.) Full Mesh 2 is using the newer automatic cable tension technology. Its neater in design. Giving Full Mesh 2 the Herman Miller look. So if you're a Herman Miller fan, then Full Mesh 2 is for you without a second look. In the case of the cable system tension automatic tension technology, you cannot manually adjust the tension.

So what's the bottomline?

Since the price is low, here's how you can buy without trying:

Compact Full Mesh 1:
Buy it if you like a rounded look. Buy it if you're slightly heavier/lighter so that you can manually adjust the rocking tension to suit your body weight. The mesh material is stiffer. Buy it if you like stiffer mesh material.

Compact Full Mesh 2:
Buy it if you're a Herman Miller fan. Buy it if you're average weight or slightly above/below average. Buy it if you like a soft but firm feel. The mesh on Full Mesh 2 feels finer to the touch.


(Written to the best of our knowledge, subject to personal preferences.)