[READY STOCK!] KLIIG BESTSELLER MODEL B (Back support test 10/10, neck support 10/10 that you can BUY WITHOUT TRYING. Heavy duty!)

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Why Kliig Bestseller Model B?

Low price, super comfortable, fully adjustable ergonomic chair similar to Model A. What more can you want? Like model A, this is a no-risk chair that you can buy online without trying.

Reasons for its popularity:

This ergonomic mesh chair allows you to sit HHFF. HHFF is Kliig's proprietary ergonomic sitting posture that keeps your back and neck healthy and relieves back and neck pains.

1). Fully adjustable:

- Adjustable headrest up/down

- Adjustable lumbar up/down

- Adjustable armrests

- Adjustable height

- Adjustable rocking tension

- Synchronized multi-lock seat mechanism (can tilt and lock) in 3 positions: Working, resting and napping similar to Model A.

2). Super comfortable moulded foam seat! The seat is upholstered in comfortable fabric with good quality moulded foam that will last > 5 years without sinking. Compared to model A, the seat of model B is harder. So it is very suitable for the heavy weight users who find model A seat too soft. If you're heavy weight and like a hard seat, this is the right model for you!

3). Excellent back, neck and head support (passes our proprietary HHFF test with flying colors!)

This ergonomic chair is a perfect example of perfect sitting posture. In Kliig, after selling chairs for over 10 years to over 10,000 customers, we've developed a chair comfort testing model called HHFF test. We've discovered that the best sitting posture can be easily understood and remembered by 4 letters. We call this the HHFF test. The Kliig HHFF test solves your back and neck pains.

What is the HHFF test and how does it solves your back and neck pains?

a). Head straight: To prevent strain on your neck, your head should be well supported by the headrest (if you have the headrest verson). If you have no neck ache or strain or don't intend to lean back, you don't need  to order the headrest version. Test result: 10/10. If you like a very straight headrest, this is the right model for you.

b). Hips back: This test is the most important test of the 3. A good chair must pass what we call the Hips back test. To support your back properly, you must be able to sit Hips back. This means that your hips must be able to touch the back of the chair. If there is a gap between your hips and the back of the chair, the chair is poorly designed or too big for you. 

To achieve the second test, the Kliig Bestseller Model B has an ergonomically curved backrest and a thick lumbar support (thicker than Model A and therefore good for heavy users) that allows you to move the lumbar support up and down. Test result: 10/10. If you prefer a lumbar support that can adjust higher/lower, then this is the right model for you.

c). Feet Flat: Finally, a good chair must pass the last test. We call this FF or Feet Flat. The height of the chair must be right so that you can sit with your feet flat on the ground. If your feet is floating, the chair is too high for you. Sitting feet flat relieves the pressure on your back as your body weight is spread to your legs and feet. Test result: 10/10

The average user can sit on the Kliig Bestseller Model B with their feet flat.

If you're very short or very tall, let us know in advance and we may be able to customize the chair for you even without you coming down to try. If you have the time, feel free to visit us to try.

For short people, we can make the chair lower by changing to shorter gas spring/lower profile legs. For tall people, we can change to higher gas spring/higher profile legs.

So unless you're shorter or taller than average, there is no need to try before you buy. As we have tested this chair to pass our proprietary HHFF test with flying colors.


d). The other adjustable functions like adjustable tension, adjustable armrests and adjustable lockable tilt allows you to further customize the chair yourselves according to your own needs and working, resting or even napping positions.

Finally, if your table has drawers, it may be possible to customise the height of this chair for you so that at the lowest height of the armrest, the chair can go under the drawers. Just let us know what height you need. Of course if you have the time or stay near, you can always come down to measure for yourself. But if you're staying far away or don't have the time, we can always do it remotely by phone or WhatsApp.


As we have tested that this chair passes our HHFF test with flying colors, you can buy it safely without trying.

This chair will help solve your back pains by giving you the correct Hips back posture. The neck and head support is very good (we rate it 10/10). 

Its our bestsellers for many reasons: Great low price, fully adjustable, great ergonomics, super comfortable, customizable and many color choices.

A no-risk, no-need-to-try buy!

Free installation. Ready stock!

Recommended users: Average to tall people. Heavy users. Short and very tall users and users with table that has drawers, just let us know you need to customize the chair.