[READY STOCK!] SUPERHERO: KLIIG IRONMESH (The strongest Kliig superhero. A low cost, high quality, high specs mesh chair for large users or those who want a roomy feel.)

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Design inspired by IronMan.
Looking for a super-strong and COOL chair for your PlUS SIZE staff or yourself? Or simply to get the roomy feel, sit with your legs crossed on the seat or want a chair that will last forever? You've found your man!
Just consider these mind-blowing specs:

Quality specs #1: Super comfortable moulded foam seat that will last > 5 yrs without sinking!
Time to celebrate Plus Size. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. When you look at beautiful things everyday, you feel happy everyday.
Plus Size exuding strength and stability from head to toe.
Beautiful IronMesh lines. Looks great even from the sides. Man, just look at the 2 strong arms and biceps! This wrap around arm design gives the overal structure the ability to take over 100 kg.
Even the back-side looks great, feels strong and powerful! Unlike other mesh chair, Kliig Ironmesh has a solid yet ventilated backing that keep the mesh working for years without breaking. Sold lumbar support.
Kliig Ironmesh trademark curves and beautiful aluminum leg that can withstand over 300 kg. Unlike chrome, won't rust. Yet strong as steel. Rounded edges won't cut your feet when you walk around barefooted working at home or office.
Easy to use rocking and locking lever. Height adjustable. Height is available in 2 variants. Average height and tall height.
Even the tension adjustment is unlike others. Huge easy to use knob that won't cut your hands. So whether you're 40 kg or over 100kg, you can use this knob to adjust the rocking tension to your body weight for maximum comfort.