[READY STOCK!] KLIIG COMPACT BESTSELLER (The most comfortable compact space-saving chair you can find! Bouncy super comfortable seat. Maintain bounciness for yrs. Springy firm back support. 24 colors choices.)

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We make it as easy for you to buy a good chair as ordering Grab!

You won't find another small, cute, high quality chair like this at this price! Super comfortable bouncy seat and springy firm back support. From $99.  Grab it now before its gone!

Quality specs #1: Super comfortable moulded foam seat that will last for years without sinking! Once you sit on this chair, you won't want to sit on another cheap chair! Grab it before its gone!

Nice and compact design to save you space.

Although small in size like the ant, it is hardworking like the ant and will work for your small space or body year in, year out.

Chairs of this size is normally uncomfortable, finishing is poor. But not the Kliig Compact Bestseller. Seat is moulded foam, bouncy and super comfortable. Will not sink even after 5 yrs. You will not feel the plywood or screws which many chairs of this price has problem with. Once you sit on it, you won't want to sit on another cheap chair anymore!

Excellent lumbar support.

Adjustable rocking tension means you can adjust the backrest feel according to your body weight. You can always find very cheap chairs on the market but you will feel the difference. The feeling on the seat is different. The feel on your back support is different too!


Fill your small space only with beautiful things.

For a small space, its so important not to fill it with cheap and bulky furniture. 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. When you look at beautiful things everyday, you feel happy everyday.

Exuding beauty from every angle.

Even the back side looks cute and cooling. Unlike cheap chairs where the metal frame linking the backrest to the seat is exposed, Kliig Compact Bestseller is so beautifully designed that the metal frame is hidden by a well finished cover and not exposed or covered by some cheap looking tube. Antmesh has been designed to feel and look great!


A small space requires simplicity. The simplier the better.

These easy to use mechanisms make it a perfect complement to small spaces:

Sleek armrests - that can be easily removed.

Height adjustment level - easy to use.

Rocking tension adjustment knob - cute and small to match the chair. Easy to adjust.

In spite of its size and price, this chair exudes sophistication.

It is the only small chair that you can add adjustable armrests!


Smallest footprint of only 57 cm.

Small compact yet extremely strong nylon leg. Smallest form factor you can find in Singapore. Onlly 57 cm in diameter!

Finest quality down to the last detail!

High quality soft castors (wheels) that is kinder to your floor than those found in chairs of this price. This is expensive and high spec castors. Kliig Compact Bestseller is the only small chair at this price that you can find with this kind of castors. The castors will last many years without breaking.