[READY STOCK!] KLIIG ECO LUMBAR (Most economical ergonomic chair with great additional lumbar support.)

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Why this model is very popular (Who buys this?)

  • This chair is very popular among those looking for a compact chair with excellent lumbar support for under $200 & arms that can be removed (when necessary.)
  • The backrest is high enough to support average to tall students, men & women.
  • Although compact, users like the T-arms as they are not as obstructive as D arms, giving more rooms for the hips and legs. So its like the best of both world. Small footprint and yet unobstrusive.
  • Users who like to sit sidways or cross their legs like the T-arms.
  • Girls who like to sit cross-legged loves the T-arms which allow them to sit cross-legged.
  • Users whose tables have drawers can easily remove the arms on their own if it doesn't fit below the drawers.  
  • Improves back aches by making you sit Hips Back. How to solve back pains and What is Hips Back?


Features & benefits:

  • Great back support with an additional lumbar support. If you like to feel the lumbar support, this is the right chair for you!
  • Rocking tension can be adjusted. This tension spring has a very nice feel, firm but not too hard. It makes you feel relaxed and yet well supported. Relieves back aches.
  • Strong nylon 5-star legs that won't break down easily.
  • The fixed T-arms and additional lumbar support make this chair looks more expensive and professional than its price.



Overall a very nice looking compact chair that takes up little space. A pretty looking space-saving chair with excellent back support!