KLIIG KING MESH OFFICE CHAIR (Our most comfortable, fully-customisable mesh chair suitable for all body types from small to big/tall users. If you want the best mesh chair money can buy, this is it!)

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Size 650/690 x 680/720 x 1160/1250mm

Backrest: Mesh
Seat & Headrest: Fabric/Synthetic leather

Options: For premium Korean synthetic leather, add $50. 

Premium Korean fabric: water stain, wear & tear resistant. Anti skidding. Easy to maintain & cooling.

Premium Korean synthetic leather: not easy to peel off like China synthetic leather. Easy to maintain.


 Adjustable 3D armrest: ser can adjust armrest’s height and move up and down, right and left.

 Adjustable lumbar support: Lumber supporter can be modified upward and downward depending on user body type.

Additional back support system: 16 degree movement and holding depending on waist.
 If you set backseat as unhold, backseat tilts forward and keeps right posture.You can change backseat as hold mode and use this chair depending on your body type.

Adjustable headrest: Headrest height can be adjusted for correction of user posture and reducing fatigue of head.

Lockable tilting: Synchronized tilt mechanism allows you to lock the backrest at any position. 

Sliding seat: Slide function on seat allows you to move forward and backward depending on user body type.

Nylon/Aluminium leg with urathane casors.

Manufacturer Made in Korea