[READY STOCK!] KLIIG SIGNATURE (Affordable mesh high back chair with excellent back support. Suits all users.)

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1. Mesh backrest: Mesh material prevents your back from perspiring and the air-permeability is good so that you can feel pleasant even after prolonged sitting.

2. Ergonomic design & comfortable back support: Backrest protects your back and suitable for prolonged sitting.

3. Live wire design: Designed closely to human body line. It maximizes comfort and care.

4. Durable Korean urethane castors: Long-lasting urethane castors protects your floor form scratches.

5. Ergonomic W shaped seat made of high-elasticity and high-density sponge.

6. Height adjustable: Durable Korean hydraulic provides stability. Smooth & long-lasting.

7. Trendy colors for frame & seat.

Mesh material of which the air-permeability is good prevents your back from perspiring. It keeps you feeling pleasant and maintains the comfort  even for prolonged sitting. It is made of water resistant material with antifoulant so that you can use it hygienically and safely.

Made of high-elasticity, high-density sponge: Compared to normal sponge, it is more comfortable & durable. W shaped seat is designed for hip line and thigh position.  

Sleek & ergonomic J shaped armrest releases the stress on your arm.

Backrest tension can be adjusted according to your preference. You can make the tension loose to lean back smoothly or make it tight for firm support.

High qualtiy rocking system provides you the comfort ad stability. Smoothly adjust the height by durable & long-lasting Korean hydraulic. Durable Korean urathane castors protects your floor from scratches.


Size W590 X D570 X H925~985

Backrest: Mesh
Seat: Fabric/Synthetic leather

Options: For premium Korean synthetic leather, add $30. For special indent color, add $50.

Premium Korean fabric: water stain, wear & tear resistant. Anti skidding. Easy to maintain & cooling.

Premium Korean synthetic leather: not easy to peel off like China synthetic leather. Easy to maintain.

Manufacturer Made in Korea