KLIIG SKYONE MOSQUITO TRAP KILLER (The best mosquito killer in Korea & Singapore that you will ever find. Many satisfied customers.Don't be distracted by Covid & forget about dengue. Protect yourself & your loved ones)

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Kliig SkyOne is our signature and latest improved model mosquito trap killer with the following benefits from

1). Enhanced coating - more powerful attractant.

2). Enhanced BL/LED lamps - more pulling power.

3). Enhanced glue paper - more effective eco-friendly glue and attractant.

4). 5 extra glue papers worth $14.95

5). Supplies and parts available.

Name Kliig SkyOne (new Black Quito Plus) Mosquito Trap Killer
Size 230 x 260mm
Weight 600g
Material ABS/PP
Power of lamp 220V~, 60Hz, 15W
Lamp life

BL: About 5~6,000 hrs

UV LED: About 30,000 hrs

Glue paper use time 1~3 months
Effective range 40~50m2

1 BL/LED lamp & 3 glue papers

(we will give you extra pack of 5pcs)

Manufacturer Made in Korea