KLIIG SUPREME FULL MESH OFFICE CHAIR (Fully featured full mesh chair with advanced lumbar support, sliding seat pan, adjustable 3D arms and Easy Glide)

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Size 685 x 600 x 1170/1255mm

Backrest & Seat: Mesh
Headrest: Fabric/Synthetic leather

Manufacturer Made in Korea

Fully adjustable, maximum comfort, ergonomically designed, can match anywhere and any place.

1. Large, strong, comfortable, adjustable headrest for maximum support of your neck and headrest.

2. Synchronised easy glide tilting mechanism that automatically adjust to your body weight. (no need to manually adjust tension)

3. Two types of lumbar support available. Type A: standard supreme lumbar support. Type B (optional item + $50) Luxury supreme lumbar support.
Differences: Type B is larger, higher, lockable and has built in spring.

4. Height adjustable to suit user’s height. This chair is very great for average, tall and very tall people. (For short people/average people with short legs, please let us know.)


6. Slidable seat pan: Great for those with long legs.

7. Easy Glide mechanism gives you 4 tilting positions. Choose your favourite sitting angle without the need to lock and unlock the angle. 4 tilt angles: a). Straight working position b) Slight incline working position c). More incline working/resting position d). Resting position
(Position 1 – fully locked. Position 2-3, no locking. Position 4: Automatic locking by body weight (no need to unlock when you get up but need a certain body weight to remain in lock position.)

8. Easy Glide with manual locking. (optional item +$50.)