Lowest Price Guaranteed.

Buy With Confidence. If you can find exactly the same product within 7 days of your purchase at a lower price, we will refund you the difference, subject to the following terms and conditions

:1). Covers all genuine advertised and in-store prices of major chain stores in Singapore only (including online sites of brick-and-mortar chain stores in Singapore.)

2). Does not apply to online advertisements of online sellers without brick-and-mortar stores in Singapore as we cannot verify if the advertised product is exactly the same as ours.

3). The product must be exactly the same. It must be the same brand, model, design and specifications. For e.g. a chair must be exactly same model, same design, using the same material, same gas spring, same leg, same castors, same country of origin and other components. For e.g. a table/shelving must be of the same model, same design, same thickness, same finishing, same country of origin and other components.

4). Look-alike images captured online are not acceptable. A product may look alike but not exactly the same. A seller can cut cost by using similar looking design but cheaper material, finishing, quality or thickness. The comparison must be for exactly the same product and not look-alike.

5). Proof of purchase with date of purchase must be provided.

6). This warranty does not cover sales with lucky dips and/or lucky draws, clearance sales, display sets sales, limited set sales and trade-in promotions.

7). Only valid for chairs that are Made in Korea. Not applicable for chairs that are not made in Korea and other products.

8). Does not apply to our own promotions as our prices may change depending on the promotions. We reserve the right to increase/lower prices by offering sales at any time. 

9). We reserve the right to amend any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

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