Mask Policy

Due to the shortage of masks all over the world, our mission is to help everyone who needs a mask get one. Whether you’re a healthcare personnel or end user, if you need a mask and don’t have access to one, we’ll help you get it. 


We source masks from countries/suppliers with excess masks and direct them to countries/people with shortage. (As the situation changes all the time, the supply sources and demand is very dynamic.) We don’t hoard masks. Once the masks reach our hands from the factories/suppliers, we send them out within days.


Our promise:

1)     To sell based on cost and a small margin to only cover operating expenses.

(As our masks are all fresh stocks made and bought after March 2020, we are unfortunately unable to sell at pre-Covid19 prices as the cost have gone up globally.)

2)     If there is a supply constraint, we will give priority to hospitals and frontline personnel. If you’re fighting at the frontline, please indicate the purpose of your purchase and we’ll give you priority (if we have to allocate stock).

3)     We’re a small business and unable to donate large quantities. However, if you have a dire need and unable to pay, please email us and let us know. (We do have a small program for give-aways.)

4)     Once the masks reach Singapore, we do QC to ensure that the masks are of high quality and brand new and not fakes or recycled masks.