Kliig SkyOne benefits:

1). Enhanced coating - more powerful attractant.
2). Enhanced BL/LED lamps - more pulling power.
3). Enhanced glue paper - more effective  eco-friendly glue and attractant.

4). The machine that really works. Lots of real customers' reviews below.

BL (Old model): S$159 

(Normal price: S$249)

UV LED (New model): S$299 - Best-seller!

(Normal price: S$369)

Plus $38 $30 delivery promo.

Did you know?

Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects in the world. Every year, mosquitoes kill over 1,000,000 people! SARS killed 812 people, MERS killed 866 and Covid-19 at its worst in 2020 killed 1.85 mil people.) Now with the Covid-19 vaccine, a person has a greater chance to be killed by mosquitoes than by Covid-19!

The only mosquito killer that really works! If a machine is cheap and doesn't work, its expensive. If it works, its not expensive."

Spent lots of money on machines that don't work? This will be the last machine you ever need to buy. No more trial & error!


* Results can vary.

Best Mosquito Trap Killer Kliig SkyOne:


1). Does it really work?
Yes! Best in Korea and proven to work in Singapore as shown above.

2). Why does it cost more that other machines?
As we all know, price is what we pay and value is what we get. We can pay a low price but if the machine doesn't work, then we're getting zero value, especially for this type of product. We've not only wasted the money but exposed ourselves and our loved ones to the risk of getting dengue & other terrible diseases. For e.g. we know of a customer who switched to a cheaper machine and then come back to us because the cheaper machine doesn't work.

3). Can you guarantee that I will not get any mosquito bites after buying the machine?
No machine can guarantee that. This is because a machine can only approximate a human. Through thousands of years of evolution, between you and the machine, the mosquitoes may still choose you. However, we can guarantee that our machine really works. You can see the results of what is caught on the glue paper. Some customers catch lots of mosquitoes and other insects. Some customers catch less. It depends on how bad the situation is in each location.

What we can guarantee is that for every mosquito you see on the glue paper, there is one less to bite you. We have so many satisfied customers who keep buying lots of glue papers every year, proving that the machines work for them. We have so many customers who tried one first and then ended up buying one for each room. We also have so many customers who refer many other customers to us.

4). What is the difference between the BL and LED lamp?
The effectiveness is the same. Both Kliig Skyone BL and LED lamps are specially designed lamps and not normal lamps. The frequencies of both lamps have been tuned to attact mosquitoes. See details below. So effectiveness is no different.
However, there are 3 main differences:
a). The LED lamp is not as bright as the BL lamp. If you intend to put the machine in your bedroom and leave it on when you sleep, then LED is better.
b). The LED lamp is cooler
c). The lifespan of the LED lamp is 5-6X longer (according to the manufacturer's specs but results can vary according to users' environment and usage.)

5 times longer lifespan than existing lamp.

Photocatalytic reaction by TiO2 coating.

To purify the air, TiO2 is coated in the machine and it self-cleans the machine and make it free of bacteria. The machine also acts as an air purifier to purify your room so that you can breathe in fresh air. Made in Korea with extensive testing and certifications so you can be assured of its safety and effectiveness. See the certifications at bottom of page.

Patented, certified and proven to work.

Harmless to human. Eco-friendly mosquito killer!

Unique diffuser plate extends the range of attracting mosquitoes.

Lamp for attracting mosquitoes.
Kliig SkyOne's lamp is the only lamp that really works for mosquitoes. Specially designed to produce wavelength that attracts mosquitoes. It is not a normal lamp. This is the main engine and the lamp is one of the secret that makes Kliig SkyOne so effective.

Suction fan.
Quiet but powerful suction fan sucks the mosquitoes  into the glue paper.

Glue paper.
Attracted mosquitoes by the special mosquito lamp and suction fan are caught into a glue paper on the base.

Tio2 coated panel.
TiO2 coated panel reacts with slight heat of the lamp and oxygen in air. It produces a right amount of carbon dioxide to attract mosquitoes. Harmless to humans. This is another important secret that makes the machine so effective.

5 times longer lifespan than existing lamp!

Kliig SkyOne BL lamp can be used for about 5~6,000 hours.
Kliig SkyOne LED lamp can be used for 30,000 hours.

Point 1. The dial switch adjusts the fan strength.

Even at maximum strength, the fan is so quiet that you will hardly notice that the machine is working hard. No irritating noise to interrupt your life or sleep!

Point 2. The only lamp for attracting mosquitoes.

A mosquito trap killer is as good as its lamp. The lamp is the single most important component of the mosquito trap killer. With a wrong lamp, the mosquito killer is useless no matter how cheap or expensive it is.
It is a special lamp which is produced by by the technology combined with technology of LG Innotek to make wavelengths that mosquitoes react sensitively. Used made in Korea components which the performance of it is excellent, not cheap China components.
Insects are attracted by light. However, different insects are attracted by different wavelengths.
Firstly, many of the insects lamps in the market are not specially created for mosquitoes. Kliig SkyOne's lamp is specially designed to produce accurate wavelength that attracts mosquitoes. It is the lamp specially designed for Kliig SkyOne  and most effective lamp in the market for attracting mosquitoes.
Secondly, the lamp cover is uniquely designed. It is designed to spread, instead of obstructing, the wavelength increasing the coverage of the machine.
Point 3. The specially formulated glue papers.

It looks like normal glue paper but is actually a specially formulated glue paper applied with specially formulated eco-friendly mosquitoes attracting agent.
Can be used for about 1-3 months or when full. Mosquitoes and other insects adhere here. Very clean and hygienic. Very easy to use. No messy cleaning of dead mosquitoes and insects. Very economical to replace.
Design, design, design: The machine is light and comes with an ergonomic top handle. You can hold the top handle, remove the cover from below in seconds without the need to unplug the machine (but switch off  the power.) Remove and discard the glue paper easily. Load a new one. All done within minutes. No mess. Easiest to use machine in market.
Depending on the concentration of capture, change every 1 to 3 months.
Point 4. The Tio2 coating around the lamp is very effective in attracting mosquitoes.

This specially coated panel is coated with an eco-friendly powder  that attracts mosquitoes very effectively. The Tio2 on the panel warmed by the slight heat from the lamp produces photocatalytic reaction in the air. This photocatalytic reaction produces a small amount of CO2 (harmless to humans) to imitate the human body.
This acts as mosquito "food" that attracts mosquitoes. Don't wipe it off.
In addition, the Kliig air purifier, this photocatalytic reaction of Tio2 also produces purification ions and OH radicals. It purifies the air and also kills harmful microbes. So this machine acts both as a mosquito killer and air purifier.

The unique diffuser plate extend the range of attraction.
Mosquitoes caught are not visible from the outside. Simply design that can match at any place. Can be used as a mood lamp.

What attracts mosquitoes and how to fight them?

Mosquitoes are sneakier than flies. They can come in through a small gap as tiny as 2mm. Like under the door, between windows etc.
The heat radiated from human body warms up the air and flows to ceiling. Mosquitoes smell this smell from outside the window and flies into the room.  Hence it is a good idea to burn mosquito repellent incense or put up a mosquito net.
However, mosquito repellent incense is harmful for humans and mosquito net increases the surrounding temperature, thereby attracting more mosquitoes into the room.
Above is a chart comparing Kliig SkyOne with other solutions.
Mosquitoes facts you may not know.
Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects in the world. In Singapore alone, dengue fever has been rising since 2012. In 2015, there were 11,294 cases. In 2016, there were 13,085 cases. Last year (2019), there were 16,000 cases. And this year 2020 up to April, there were already more than double that a year ago! The cases this year is expected to exceed the historical high in 2013.

Mosquitoes are flourishing due to  the environmental changes like global warming. Now moquitoes are carrying and spreading the Zika virus in addition to dengue.

Mosquitoes are the most difficult insects to catch!

Mosquitoes are the deadliest insects in the world. Every year, mosquitoes kill over 1,000,000 people. SARS killed 812 people, MERS killed 866 and Covid-19 killed 400,000 people (up to June 2020.)

What do the mosquitoes like?
- Lactic acid, CO2, the temperature of about 36 degree, dark color, humid environment, the smell of the kind of lotion and hair product etc.What do the mosquitoes dislike?
- Herb, mint, geranium, bright colored clothings.

Who is easily bitten by mosquitoes?
- Children & infants who secrete a lot of CO2 & lactic acid.
- Healthy people.
- Fat body types.

Diseases caused by mosquitoes:
- Humans: Malaria, Japanese encephalitis (5~30% fatality), Yellow fever or dengue (10~50% fatality) and Zika.
- Cattle: Akabane Disease, Epizootic fever, Ibaraki Disease etc.
- Chicken: Leucocytozoon Disease, Bloodsucking, Disturbed sleep (daily milk yield decreases.)
- Dog: Heart worm (100% fatality)
- Pig: Japanese Encephalitis
Usage tip for mosquitoes control devices:
Mosquitoes can come in through a small gap as small as 2mm.
The heat radiated from human body warms up the air and flows to ceiling. Mosquitoes smell this smell from outside the window and fly into the room. Hence it is a good idea to burn mosquito repellent incense  or put up a mosquito net.
However, mosquito repellent incense is harmful for humans and mosquito net increases the surrounding temperature, thereby attracting more mosquitoes into the room.

Kliig SkyOne is eco-friendly product. Highly functional and yet economical.
- Insecticides, smokescreens, disinfectant sprays: The effects soon wear off as time goes on.
- Mosquito repellent incense: It is more harmful than cigarette smoke.
- Insecticide is highly toxic and very harmful for human body.
- Insect repellent are troublesome to apply, costly and may irritate the skin.
Application Notes:

Q: Where is the effective place to set up Kliig SkyOne?
A: It is designed to work on any table, desk, counter or cabinet. Just place it at about table height from the floor. A normal table height is about 720 mm from floor. You can leave it on the table if you like. Or put it on a cabinet. Some customers ask if they can put on the floor. Its always possible to do that but just bear in mind a few things. Firstly, the visibility. If you hide it and you cannot see it, then mosquitoes also may not see it. (Though they may still be attracted by the trace amount of CO2 that is released by the machine but this means it may not be so effective.) The second issue is safety for children/pets/elderly. There is no hard and fast rule. Just do according to your needs.

Q: When do we need to switch on?
A: You can leave it on for 24 hrs. However, the effect is lowest during the day as it is very bright. Also the more often you turn on, the faster the lamp will wear out.

Q: What is the lifespan of the lamp?
A. BLB lamp is 5,000-6,000 hrs. You can use it 13 hours a day for about a year. If you use 24 hours a day, you can change every 7 months. LED lamp is about 30,000 hrs. If you use 24 hours a day, you can change every 3 years. Our main design consideration is using the right lamp and not the longest lasting lamp. Using the right lamp is more important than using the wrong lamp that lasts longer.
Another important consideration is that we have sufficient stock of the lamps most of the time so they are easily available. And priced affordably.

Q: What is the effective range?
A: Depending on environmental factors, about 49.6m2. For apartments, we recommend 1 machine per room. For landed living room, we recommend using Kliig SkyF Plus as it coverage is bigger. Some customers, use 2 Kliig SkyOne for their living room instead of 1 Kliig SkyF Plus. The effect is about the same but there are other considerations. For e.g. Kliig SkyOne is easily moved around as it has a handle. It is also fully enclosed so it is safer for children and pets. As for Kliig Sky F Plus, the range is more but it is more open and better to be installed onto a wall. Though this is not absolutely necessary. Whatever it is, we have the solution.
If you need advice, please WhatsApp our experienced staff on +65-81830555. He has 10 yrs of experience in this product and will be able to give you the right advice.
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