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Koreans take snacking very seriously and have made some of the tastiest snacks in the world.


In fact, they’ve perfected their snacks in terms of packaging, look, texture, taste, smell and even the sound that is produced when you eat them! 


Some Korean snacks are truly and insanely delicious and addictive.

However, this is not true of all Korean snacks. This means that you can't just walk into any  supermarket/Korean supermarket and pick up any snack and get a hit. In fact, most of the time, you'd be wasting your money.


How about the many blogs that you can find online on the most popular Korean snacks? 


Our team did extensive taste tests and found that actually most of the snacks listed by online blogs are not actually delicious! Surprised right?  


Perhaps, the bloggers did not actually taste the snacks. Or they just pick them based on their popularity by foreigners who have visited Korea and bought them from large Korean supermarkets like Lotte. Or perhaps they are selected based on the popularity of the brand names.


In fact, in our own 10 years of very extensive travel to Korea (and even Japan) and most likely you've experienced it yourself, we've found that most of the so-called popular snacks are like tourist snacks and not really delicious. At least not something that you would miss or like to keep eating again and again.


So how to find insanely delicous and addictive Korean snacks?


We base our selection on ALL (not just some) of these criteria:

-       Our own extensive experience in Korea and Korean products

-       Recommendations by Koreans

-       Extensive research on Korean snacks with thousands of 5 stars reviews by Korean consumers

-       And finally actually tasting each and every item before we put them into our starter/variety pack.


Out of over 50 Korean snacks that we’ve tasted including those listed by other blogs, we’ve hand-picked only a few that we believe is worthy to be entered into our starter pack. We believe they will truly delight you and take your Korean snacking to a new level of enjoyment!


Finally, we’ve compiled them into 3 types of packing for your convenience:

1)  Sample pack for individual tasting and enjoyment

2)  A gift box that you can send to your friends/relatives called MISSING YOU box

3)  A family variety pack that the family can enjoy WFH and HBL with


Go ahead and pamper yourselves with lots of Korean love! WFH and HBL can be enjoyable with the Kliig Korean MUST TRY SNACK SAMPLE PACK! Indulge yourself today!


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