Terms & Conditions

By purchasing from Iconic Group Pte Ltd and its affiliates/related businesses, or using this website (or its affiliated/related websites), you agree to the following terms and conditions. Where a term and condition is not specified in older websites or documents, the terms and conditions here shall supersede those terms and conditions. 


1). Warranty:

Unless otherwise stated, warranty applies only to Made in Korea chairs. W
arranty is for 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty for gas spring, base leg and castors as these are the parts that normally break down. During warranty period, these parts will be provided at no cost. After warranty, these parts (or substitutes) can still be purchased at cost for many years. Warranty does not cover body, armrests, headrest and rocking mechanism which can last many years if used properly. If these parts are damaged, customers can still purchase these parts subject to availability, cost of parts and shipping charges.

Warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Warranty is carry-in and for parts only. Charges for changing parts (if needed by customers) are payable.

Wear and tear (including tear in upholstery and noise that develops after usage), misuse, abuse and damage during self-installation and transportation by customers are not covered.

 Quality and finishing are not covered under warranty. Suitability of usage is not covered under warranty. User bears the responsibility to ensure product is suitable for their usage.  

Warranty covers normal usage only. For e.g. Our chairs are mostly priced from $200+ to $900+. Lower priced chairs are not suitable for over-weight or over-tall users. To ensure you purchase the right chair for your usage, please inform our salespeople if you intend to use a chair for an above average weight or height person. All our chairs are suitable for average Singapore weight of up to 70-80kg and height of about 1.7m. If using for average weight and height, no need to check. If for overweight or over-height, please inform our staff so they can recommend the right chairs.

We reserve the right to substitute comparable parts, materials or models and does not warrant that the replacement part will match the existing or original item. If the item has been discontinued or is beyond repair, we reserve the right to give a pro-rated refund based on the remaining length of warranty. For example, the pro-rated refund for an item with 1-year warranty shall be calculated as follows: Number of days remaining/365 x purchase price. An item with 6 months warranty shall be calculated as follows: Number of days remaining/182.5 x purchase price.


Note: We reserve the right to determine if any benefit for warranty may be claimed. We reserve the right to determine if the part will be repaired or replaced. There is strictly no refund or 1 for 1 exchange.

Unless otherwise stated, other products do not come with any warranty. Any issue must be reported immediately upon collection or delivery. 

2). Exchange/returns/cancellation of orders:

 Once you have placed an order, the order cannot be cancelled for whatever reasons. This applies to both standard and custom orders. 

 If you need to check item for suitability, quality or finishing, please visit us and check the item before collection or delivery. 

 Upon collection/delivery, please inspect item(s) before accepting. Once item is accepted/collected, it cannot be cancelled, rejected, returned or refunded for whatever reasons.


What constitute a valid rejection or return?

If a product is visually damaged (e.g. dents, tears and broken parts) or not functioning properly (e.g. the chair cannot go up/down, the back cannot be tilted (if its supposed to tilt), wheels cannot roll (not how they roll) etc), then it is reasonable to reject upon delivery or collection.


Products that do not have damages (as defined above) and is working (as defined above) cannot be rejected or returned. 


In particular, products cannot be rejected or returned due to change of mind. Return or reject based on subjective criteria are also not acceptable. Such as (but not restricted to) finishing, hairline scratches, small plastic edges sticking out, small thread sticking out on fabric, plastic marks due to molding process, urethane marks etc as these are inherent features of many products and manufacturing process or due to transportation. These cannot be totally avoided. They do not constitute damages or non-functioning. It is impossible to guarantee a 100% finishing quality.


We are in the re-order business and we want all customers to be happy. We will do our best to ensure that what you see is what you get. If you need to see the actual product before purchase, feel free to check out the actual product.

When checking the product, if you're very particular about certain things, do inform us BEFORE you make the purchase. Have the salesperson write them down to avoid any miscommunication later on.

We reserve the right to approve/reject any returns or rejects which we deem unreasonable.


 3). Delivery/installation charges:

Sales items are "cash and carry". Delivery can be arranged at $35 per item to most parts of Singapore. Delivery charges for far away locations are additional $10 per item. We reserve the discretion to give free assembly for chairs. Tables & racks assembly charges are 18% of the cost of goods to be assembled. For bulky items such as 1.8m and bigger tables, please check the relevant page or check with sales staff.

4). Delivery:

Ex-stock items: For ex-stock items, we can generally deliver within a few working days upon receipt of payment. Peak season and holidays may cause delays. If you need an item urgently, let us know and we may be able to arrange for same/next day delivery at additional costs subject to availability.

Pre-order/indent items: Pre-order/indent items by air require to be manufactured 3-4 weeks and shipped into Singapore by air 3-4 weeks. So total estimated about 6-8 weeks. This does not include installation and delivery time within Singapore. It is based on current Covid situation and flights between Korea and Singapore. If Covid situation changes/flight situation changes, lead time may change. Holidays and peak seasons may also cause further delay. If you need items within a certain timeframe, we recommend that you take ex-stock items.)

Indent items by container requires at least 3 months (and subject to availability.) All delivery dates provided by us (whether stated in quotation, invoice or otherwise) are estimates only. We shall not be responsible and shall not accept any liability for not being able to deliver within the specified time resulting from shipment/delivery delays from our suppliers or shipping companies as the Covid situation is still very fluid.
We reserve the right to make partial deliveries. Each partial delivery shall constitute a separate contract on the same terms and conditions as set out herein. Failure to deliver all the products you have ordered shall not invalidate the contract as regards any partial deliveries.

5). Delay in receiving deliveries:

If you are unable to accept delivery or collect your orders within 14 days from our first contacting you, you shall be liable for the following. The balance amount (if any) and a storage fee equivalent to $500 or 2% of the order (whichever is higher) for every 30 days or part thereof.

6). Cancellation of orders:


We shall have the right to cancel your order (which had been accepted by us) at any time and for any reason whatsoever without your prior consent or agreement by giving you written notice of such cancellation. Upon such cancellation of your order by us, we shall:

6.1 No longer be obliged to deliver that product to you; and
6.2 Refund to you, without any interest or compensation, the deposit and all other payments which you have made to us with regards to the order
6.3 Upon such refund being made to you, you shall have no further claims against us arising out of or in connection with the said cancellation of your order. 
6.4 Except as otherwise expressly stated herein, once an order has been accepted by us, no cancellation of that order by you is valid.

Covid-19 notice: Customers cannot cancel their orders due to late delivery as there has been substantial supply chain disruption all over the world due to Covid-19 lockdowns and other disruptions. These are all beyond our control and the situation is very fluid and can change very suddenly. On our part, we will do our best to ensure smooth operation and delivery to support our customers within our ability.

Note: Once you have placed an order, the order cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded for whatever reasons (change of mind, suitability, finishing, functionality etc.) This applies to both standard and custom orders. Even more so for custom orders.


7). Customer service hours:

Customer service opening hours are Monday to Friday, 1pm to 6pm. Latest information on store opening hours can be found in the "Contact Us" page

8). Manufacturing marks, scratches and blemishes:

Plastic, nylon and urethane have mold marks due to manufacturing process. These marks are not manufacturing defects. This is especially so when similar marks are found in our display or other pieces. We reserve the right to determine if the marks are manufacturing defects or not.


Due to the nature of plastic, wood and metal painting, hairline scratches and blemishes may be unavoidable due to  shipping and transportation.


9). Country of origin: Made in Korea and Korean OEM:

For products marked Made in Korea and Korean OEM, we purchase our products only from Korean suppliers. 

Most of these suppliers have factories in Korea and the products are 100% manufactured in Korea. Such products are labeled as Made in Korea in our webpages and also at our offline store.

A small percentage of our Korean suppliers have factories in other countries including China/Vietnam/Thailand etc. These products are labeled as Korean OEM. However, the QC is still Korean and the products meet Korean industrial and market standards.

Generally, Made in Korea products are of better quality and finishing than Korean OEM but the prices are also slightly higher. As an example, a Made in Korea chair will use parts and materials that are Made in Korea. The Korean industrial standards are higher than that of other countries. Hence the parts are better quality and last longer than other parts. For e.g. materials like synthetic leather and fabric that are Made in Korea are of better quality and last longer. Made in Korea synthetic leather do not peel as easily as other synthetic leather. Another example, the Korean chroming standard is higher than others and the chrome parts will last longer without tarnishing.

10). Others:

Photographs and drawings are for illustrative purposes only and may not exactly match the actual product. The colours you see on our webpages may vary with the actual products due to variation in computer graphics. If in doubt, please check with our sales staffs. Prices stated are for standard colors only (for e.g. black for chairs & Aniframe storage systems and Maple for tables). Prices may be higher for non-standard colors. Please check with our sales staffs or see price tags in showroom.

11). Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore.

12). Copyrights:

All images, write-ups and translations either belong to Iconic Group Pte Ltd or our partners and are not to be reproduced without written permission.

13). Force Majeure:

Under all circumstances, we will not be liable for performance delays nor for non-performance due to causes beyond our reasonable control, except for payment obligations.


14). We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.