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10 reasons why made-in-Korea chairs are best?
Currently, made-in-Korea consumer products offer the best value for money. The quality is good, design is nice, color is pleasing and the price is affordable. Here is a detailed breakdown of the comparison between Made-in Korea and cheaper alternatives. is the only company in Singapore specialising in made in Korean chairs. We have the widest selection of made-in-Korea chairs in Singapore for over 10 years.
1). Better ergonomics: The comfort of a chair comes from the ergonomics. We're talking about the mold used for the frames of the chair like the seat, backrest, headrest etc. As each of our chair is developed in Korea from ground up (costing over US$500,000/chair), the comfort level is much more superior than other chairs. That's why customers always feel our chairs are much more comfortable.

2). Better components: Our made-in-Korea chairs use over 200 Korean components. It is always easy to make a cheaper chair by using a cheaper component. For e.g. if you cut down $1/component, you can make chair that cost $200 less. A chair is as good as its component. If the component breaks down, then the chair needs to be repaired. We have many customers who have bought chairs from other sources asking us if they can buy our components. This shows that other chairs break down easily and the users cannot find components anymore. In contrast, most of our chairs are still working many years. And users are coming back to us to buy more chairs and not buying components because our components are superior in quality.

Let's now take a look at the major components and compare it to cheaper alternatives. Manufacturers have long been aware of the superiority of Korean components. That's why many chair manufacturers boast the use of Korean components. The difference is that Kliig chairs are 100% made in Korea.

1). Ergonomics from ground up: Due to the high cost of building a chair from scratch (US$500,000/chair), many chair manufacturers are not actually manufacturers but assemblers. They buy parts from factories and put them together. This saves cost but results in poor ergonomics. Comfort is sacrificed.

A good chair is one that is built from scratch. The size of the seat, the height, width and curve of the backrest, headrest etc. These are all important factors that determine if a chair is comfortable or not. Even with the best design and ergonomics, everybody has a different body shape and size. Having the widest range means that whatever your body shape and size is, you can find one that suits you.

For mesh chairs, the shape of the frame is very important. A good chair manufacturer knows how to create a mold that is shaped to support the lumber, the back, the shoulder and the neck. That's where our Korean manufacturers really stand out. Every customers who have tried our chairs always say they are very comfortable. Year after year, we have customers returning to buy more of the same model and referring their freinds and relatives for the same chair.

2). Korean foam: The foam seat is one of the most important part of the chair as you need to sit on it for many hours. 

There are many grades of foam. Cheap foam is either too hard or too soft. If the foam is too hard, there is too much pressure point and you will feel uncomfortable sitting long. If the foam is too soft, you can feel the plywood and even the screws. Many customers who buy cheap chairs have told us this experience. 

Expensive foam is both firm and springy. You can sit on it for many hours without feeling painful or uncomfortable.  This is very much like a good mattress and a cheap one.

Korean foam are more expensive than China foam. But the comfort level is also much better.

3). Korean mesh:  Mesh chairs are very popular in Singapore as the weather is hot throughout the year. You can use a mesh chair comfortably at home without aircon.

However, mesh do not give as much support as foam. Hence both the shape of the chair (the ergonomic shell) and the quality of the mesh is very important. Korean mesh are more expensive. The difference is the quality.

There are 2 main differences:
a). The springiness of the mesh. A good mesh is firm and yet springy. You can feel the difference by feeling the bounce of the mess as you press it.
b). The fineness of the mesh. Korean mesh is finer to feel. It is more comfortable to touch. This is especially important if the chair is full mesh (the seat is also mesh). If you're wearing shorts or skirt, then rough mesh will irritate your skin and you won't be able to sit long without feeling pricky and uncomfortable.

For a full mesh chair, the mesh used for the seat and the backrest must be different. The backrest only needs to support your back. The seat needs to support your entire body weight. Hence mesh used for the backrest and the seat must be different quality. It is easy to make a cheap full mesh chair by using the same mesh for the backrest and the seat. However, over time you will find the mesh seat start to sag. 

Also check to make sure the full mesh seat is properly designed. Since mesh seat are supported only by the mesh, if the seat if poorly designed, you can feel the metal frame of the seat. Especially the front frame. The front of the seat must be designed such that you don't feel the metal frame. When you sit on our full mesh chair, you can feel the difference between our made-in-Korea and cheaper alternatives.

4). Korean fabric:  The Korean fabric used in Kliig chairs are finer and more comfortable to touch. They are water stain resistant and therefore easier to maintain. Water resistance also mean cooler as your sweat don't get soaked into the foam immediately and form a layer of evaporation. Evaporation cools down the surface of the foam, making your foam seat cooler. Also the foam don't become so smelly. Overall, the Korean fabric we use feel more comfortable, last longer, don't trap dust so easily, feels cooler and is easier to maintain.
Just the fabric alone gives you so many benefits that cheap China chairs don't!

In addition, we have different kinds of fabric texture. If you're very sensitive to fabric texture, let us know and we can show you different kinds of texture to choose from.

5). Korean synthetic leather: If you prefer leather, no sweat. All Kliig chairs can be ordered either in fabric or leather. In Korea, because the synthetic leather is of such good quality, 99% of offices use Korean synthetic leather and not real leather. The premium Korean synthetic leather used in Kliig chairs are maintenace free (real leather needs regular oiling or it will crack) and feels even more comfortable than cheap real leather used in some China chairs. Korean synthetic leather also don't peel off as easily as China synthetic leather. They are superior in quality but also cost more.

6). Korean rocking mechanism: There are many kinds of rocking mechanisms. The rocking mechanism is what connects your chair to the gas spring. Different mechanisms give you different comfort level. A cheap mechanism is not only uncomfortable but also easily broken. All Kliig chairs use Korean mechanisms. Among Kliig chairs, one of the main cost factor is the mechanism used. For e.g. a $200-$300 chair use a different mechanism from a $500-$600 chair. Some people can feel the difference, some can't. For example, the Kliig synchro uses a different mechanism from the lower end models and you can really feel the difference if you like to lean back a lot. If you're just sitting straight, then you may not appreciate a more expensive mechanism. Just make sure the mechanism is good quality and not easily broken.

7). Korean gas springs (hydraulics): The gas spring (hydraulic) is one of the most important component of your chair. If your gas spring (hydraulic) is spoilt, your chair cannot move up and down. Most likely you will throw away your chair even though the chair itself may still be good. Used properly, our made-in-Korea gas springs can last many years. 

If you're not average size, you'd be happy to know that for all our chairs, you can let us know if you want to change the gas springs (hydraulics) to shorter or taller to suit you height. Just let us know when you're buying the chair.

8). Korean legs: Korean legs are not so bulky. The reason is the plastic used is better. Better quality plastic means slimmer and yet stronger legs. For homes, this is especially important as many new homes in Singapore are very small and space is very limited. A bulky office chair has no place in the home.

For this reason, you will find many cheaper chairs using metal chrome legs. There are 2 main problems with metal chrome legs. Firstly, the cheap chrome legs rust easily in Singapore's humidity. Another problem is that the metal legs have a sharp edge (near the wheels). In the office, this is not a problem as you're wearing shoes. But at homes, as you're barefooted/wearing slippers, you can easily cut your toes against the sharp metal edge of these cheap chrome legs.

We have 3 kinds of Korean legs:
a). Compact plastic legs for use in tight places (diameter 58cm). These legs are short and strong and will not break. If used properly, it can hold 110 kg users without any problem.
b). Regular size plastic/nylon legs (diameter 63cm - 68 cm). Our plastic legs are well constructed and the plastic quality is good and will not break easily. If used properly, can hold up to 110 kg users without any problem. 
c). Korean metal legs. For use by heavy users (like over 100kg). The metal legs are rounded on the edges and will not cut your toes!

In a nutshell, the Korean legs we use are stronger, more elegantly designed and safer to use.

9). Korean castors(wheels): When it comes to castors (sometimes customers call them "wheels"), Korean castors  are far superior than cheaper alternatives. Here are some reasons:
a). Durability: Our Korean castors are heavy duty castors. They have served 24/7 operation like PSA operation rooms, OilTanking operation rooms etc without problems. They are so strong that we don't sell many castors over the years and very few customers ask for after-sales service on our castors(wheels). For e.g. for every 1,000 chairs we sell, we don't even get 10 broken castors.

b). Our castors have a urethane layer. When used in homes, this urethane layer is kind on your parquet or vinyl floor. This urethane layer is also quieter.

c). We have many kinds of castors: We have stoppable castors. These have auto-braking mechanism built in so that when the user of a certain weight sits on it, the castor automatically locks. We can also provide the non-urethane castors (all plastics i.e. all black type). If you aren't worried about scratches on your floor (for e.g. using on carpet/tiles) but you want the castors to move very easily on your floors let us know and we can provide non-urethane castors.

10). Korean profile:  The reason we have so many different sizes of chair is because the most comfortable chair is a chair that fit your size and shape. Every body size and shape is different. And a man is different from a woman size. An adult is different from a child. The mistake many people make is to bring their spouse to choose a chair for them. Very often, spouses are very different in build. Another common mistake is for parents to choose the chair for their children. The wise spouse/parent will let their spouse/children choose their own chairs. 

Generally, Korean chairs are more suitable for asian sizes than American, European or China chairs that are manufactured for the export market (hence international size and not asian sizes.)

We have 2 broad categories of Korean chairs: those build for Korean domestic market suitable for Singapore average size and those build for export market suitable for extra tall european or big caucasian sizes.
Having the widest range means that you can find a chair that suits your body size or shape!


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