Why are there charges for changing to non standard options?
Generally options cost money. For e.g. when we make a chair in standard black frame, it can be mass produced and in large quantity. To make a frame in white, the raw material has to be changed in the mold making machine and that takes time and also white or colored material cost more than standard material.

That's why most factories do not allow changes unless you have a minimum quantity like few hundred pieces in one production run. In our case, we allow users the flexibility to choose option but the cost, the time to make, the time to coordinate a special order all adds up and the cost are there. We charge you at our cost and we don't make extra money by ordering custom make for you. It's an added service we provide to give you more options and not to make more money as the cost are higher. 
We've been specializing in good quality and comfortable Korean ergonomic chairs for over 10 years and we can basically do anything you want. How much time is needed? It depends on the stock that we have but the longest should be about 3-4 weeks.

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