We are the only company that can customise to your needs.
Widest range of options available!
We have the widest range of options in Singapore to suit all your needs. Each person has a different size and shape. A comfortable chair for one person will not be comfortable for another. That's why we offer the widest range for you to choose from so that you can find a chair that is customised to your needs. The most comfortable is one that fits you like a glove or suit. Below are some examples of options you can choose and additional costs that are incurred (not exhaustive):
Standard is black frame. Most chairs can be requested in white frames @$30-$50 
Standard is premium Korean fabric that is stain, water, dust resistant. Every chair can be requested to be in premium Korean synthetic leather @$30-$50.

What is premium Korean synthetic leather? Premium Korean synthetic leather feels like premium natural leather but has the added advantage of being maintenance free (real leather needs to be oiled regularly or it will crack.) Premium Korean synthetic leather doesn't peel off easily like cheaper China synthetic leather. The Korean synthetic leather is of such high quality and real leather chair is unnecessary as they need regular maintenance and cheap real leather are not as comfortable.

Who chooses synthetic leather? Those who need their chairs to be easy to maintain. Those who are very sensitive to dust as synthetic leather has smoother surface and more dust resistant than fabric. Those whose skin is very sensitive to texture.

Who chooses fabric? As our fabric is water, stain and dust resistant, the difference is not really huge. But if you're a fan of leather, then make the change. If not, our fabric has smaller pores (compared to cheap fabric that is very rough and has many big pores and trap dust easily) and are almost as dust resistant and easy to maintain. So if cost is a big factor, there is no need to change. Use the budget for other options like color etc. instead.

✏️ TIP: Generally speaking we have 2 kinds of fabric: thick and thin yarn. The thick yarn is more water-resistant but the pores are also bigger. The thinner yarn has smaller pores, is less water-resistant but feels finer. As you chair needs to have strong wear-and-tear, we cannot use cotton. Cotton feels most comfortable but tears easily and will not last. (If you're very sensitive to texture, then go for synthetic leather or wrap a cotton T-shirt around the seat.) Contact our friendly and experienced sales staff if you need any help/advice.
3). COLORS: 
For many models, you can choose from as many as 20 colors; some models, 5 colors. Standard is black color. For some models, color can be changed at no charge. For most models, colors can be changed @$30-$50 depending on the models. Colors are available for both fabric and synthetic leather.
4). ARMS:
Types of arms. We have many different types of arms to meet your needs. Some prefer fixed arms, some prefer adjustable arms. For both types of arms, again we can provide many different options. For e.g. fix arms that are low and can fit under low tables or tables with drawers. We also have high arms for those who use the computer a lot like gamers etc. We also have fixed arms that allow you to cross your legs when you sit.
For adjustable arms, again we have many options. 2D, 3D, 4D etc.

Some models come with standard fixed arms, some models adjustable arms. Most chairs with fixed arms can be changed to adjustable arms @$30-$50 depending on the model.
Wheels/no wheels/lockable wheels. Some models come with wheels, some models are without wheels. For models that do not have wheels, generally the height cannot be adjusted. If you want no wheels and yet height adjustable, we have 2 options, wheels can be changed to studs (no extra charge). Or you can change the wheels to lockable wheels. Our lockable wheels are auto-locking, meaning you don't need to manually bend down to lock/unlock. When the user is of a certain weight sits on the chair, the wheel has a built-in mechanism that automatically locks. You can  change from standard wheels to auto-locking wheels @$10 per wheel i.e. total $50.
7). LEG SIZE: 
Large leg (for those who want to lean back a lot and prevent toppling over), small leg (for those with limited space). Small models come with small legs and big models come with big legs. If the model has a big leg, you can request to change to a small leg @$30-$50 depending on the model.
We can supply all of them. Each model comes with a standard leg type to suit the model. If you need to change, let us know.
✏️ TIP: China chairs usually comes with metal legs. It is a misconception that those metal legs are stronger than plastic or nylon legs. It is not. In fact, nylon legs are even stronger than the metal China legs. Another problem with the China metal leg is that it is chrome finished and easy to rust.

The biggest problem of all is that while it is okay to use in the office, you should not use it at home! The reason is that you don't wear shoes at home and the metal leg has very sharp edges that can cut into your toes when you accidentally hit the legs. For this reason we don't recommend metal legs as our plastic and nylon legs can withstand users of over 100 kgs without any problem (again with proper usage will last you many years without breaking.) If you're really very heavy, you can choose our Korean steel legs. The legs have rounded caps at the edges and will not cut your toes.
With arms/without arms. Most of our chairs have arms that can be easily removed if you don't want them. For e.g. if you have custom made tables with drawers and you want to slide the whole chair under the table. Let us know if you have this need.
We have 2 kinds of chairs for children or short adult. One is where the hydraulic is shorter and even short people can touch the ground with their feet flat. Another option is to attach a legrest to the leg. Let us know if you need either option.
11). HEIGHT:
Higher hydraulic (for taller people or those with high tables even bar counter). Shorter hydraulic for short people. Generally, we have 3 types of chairs:
a). For short to average people
b). For average to tall people
c). For very tall people
Each type is listed in our Chair Selector Guide.


Why are there charges for changing to non standard options?
Generally options cost money. For e.g. when we make a chair in standard black frame, it can be mass produced and in large quantity. To make a frame in white, the raw material has to be changed in the mold making machine and that takes time and also white or colored material cost more than standard material.

That's why most factories do not allow changes unless you have a minimum quantity like few hundred pieces in one production run. In our case, we allow users the flexibility to choose option but the cost, the time to make, the time to coordinate a special order all adds up and the cost are there. We charge you at our cost and we don't make extra money by ordering custom make for you. It's an added service we provide to give you more options and not to make more money as the cost are higher. 
We've been specializing in good quality and comfortable Korean ergonomic chairs for over 10 years and we can basically do anything you want. How much time is needed? It depends on the stock that we have but the longest should be about 3-4 weeks.

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